yerbas founders

Women created, owned & operated.

We 3 women come from a very vibrant mix of backgrounds, experiences and gained expertise that together is the blood of YERBAS™.

The 3 of us, Lauren, Amanda  & Natalie have a collective passion for health, herbal remedies, natural living and creating amazing products that fit our beliefs and stay true to our own personal standards.

ORGANIC, wild-crafted, and direct sourced herbs is what we believe is key to clean, effective and transparent self care and herbal remedies.

We hope you love what we are creating and if you want to connect with us, let us know what your thinking HERE


Lauren, Natalie & Amanda

self care + apothecary + herbal remedies

lauren baca
FNTP + herbalist

Product / Education / Collaborations

Hey there! I’m Lauren, the formulator/herbalist and one of the two Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioners here at YERBAS™.

natalie parlett
FNTP + holistic nutrition

People / Community / PR

Hey, I’m Natalie, our specialized educator, FNTP with a focus on Restorative Wellness here to help the YERBAS community!

amanda z. lewis
designer + brand creation

Brand / Creation / Marketing

Hello, I’m Amanda, the creator, branding geek, storyteller, innovation enthusiast behind the scenes.