eye magic serum
eye magic serum

eye magic serum


real-plant extraction*

Created for eyes in need. An herbalist developed potent plant medicine for your skin. Infused with 7 organic whole plants + 16 powerful botanicals! 

  • toning
  • depuffing
  • activating
  • lymph supportive
EYE MAGIC is rich, gentle and deeply scented - our Chamomile & Rose Eye Roller is formulated with carefully selected whole plants, oils, and Co2 extracts chosen to address fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness.  The phytochemical acids in this oil offer protection from the daily arsenal of skin-damaging environmental toxins and soaks into your skin to support lymphatic movement around your eyes. This serum features a whole plant extraction of Chamomile, Rose, Willow Bark, Sencha Tea, Blue Cornflower and Calendula formulated to provide a synergistic boost to the windows of your soul. High concentrations of Vitamin E, A and balanced omega fatty acids help to enhance moisture retention, brighten the complexion of the skin, and stimulate microcirculation. 

This serum can be used under makeup, and is safe for use day and night. Natural oil products work deep into the epidermis over time. Create a ritual of care which will supply your skin with daily doses of rich plant vitamins and minerals and within 6 weeks, your skin should begin to take on a new glow. Medicine is deep and slow but satisfyingly lasting as long as you do your part.

30ml / protective violet glass bottle




A great oil to use stand alone or under your favorite make-up. Simply roll this serum on the area under your eyes as well as the area on the sides near your "smile lines''. Gently with your hands, or a trusty tool such as a guasha, take the oil closest to the center of your eyes and swipe outward and upward towards your laugh lines, creating a sweaping outward and upward motion. 

"Best oil I've ever tried and I've tried many! Even really expensive ones, like True Botanicals and Vintner's daughter."


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whole plant potency.

The ingredients for EYE MAGIC are thoughtfully, organically, & strategically sourced for their powerful synergies. From vitamin rich herbs to nutrient dense greens. We are passionate about finding plants that are effective and work together to provide your skin with the best it deserves. We use ancient methods of raw and slow extraction to ensure that no elements are compromised in the making. Our whole plant infusions take 6 weeks to make and your skin will love every drop!

organic *
wild-crafted **
locally farmed & harvested ^
fresh dried in house ~

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


simple & effective.

From a "Spa Morning" to a quick application. We will show you the best way to apply our serums.

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